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Uploaded Nick Bason - Before and After
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Aug 29, 2018
Hello Carmel and Nick It's gorgeous to see and hear Nick reflect on his life. You get the soul shining through his eyes. You did a great job of capturing the light in Nick's eyes, Carmel. Suggestions for Nick: Sometimes you seem to look at the camera and others you must be looking at Carmel (and I am assuming they were not in the exact same line of sight) and at other times you are looking around - so if you film again, pick your eye contact line and stay with it, for the viewers sake. haha Also, while I could listen to you talk about your life for hours, for this project, you need to try and be more succinct. The questions are specific to the impact or influence of Universal Medicine on your life. If you film again, keep this in mind so your answers are in specific relation to UM. eg the question about how you made the changes, not in relation to your son saying his kids needed a grandfather, but answer in relation to how UM supported you to make life changes. Suggestions for Carmel as the technical person: With editing, you need to be more ruthless. Like you can be in editing written content! haha Cut out any extra footage that has Nick looking around or gathering his thoughts while he isn't speaking. The questions don't lead into Nick's answers, but this is partly about him starting wide out. Again, an editing issue. Nick may start answering from a wide angle, so edit that part out and then just include the part that answers the question on the title card. Otherwise, it is kind of confusing for the viewer. Also, try a different setting. That sofa seems to swallow Nick up and make him look really tiny. It is probably too much fabric, dominating the scene, so many viewers will miss the light in his eyes because of all the busy material. with fond love Gayle
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