Simon Asquith

Computer Educator, AV and IT Specialist

Simon Asquith was the guy who never thought he'd own a computer and avoided mobile phones for as long as he could (his parents actually made him buy one so they could contact him during his extensive travels overseas).

For this reason he is really great at connecting with people that are a bit tech-phobic or who use the phrase 'me and computers just don't get along.'

When a client wants to become an online ambassador for their brand but they are scared of posting a Facebook update we recommend a session with Simon Asquith.

From Rebecca:

I have never seen anyone teach people about computers like Simon, because he comes from a human understanding well before he brings in a tech perspective. Where many IT professionals can't bridge the divide between complex systems and real world people, Simon brings a depth of understanding to both. A 'computing counsellor', Simon supports people all over the world to surpass their blocks with technology, empowering them to more fully realise their online expression.

Simon and Rebecca also regularly present to groups on topics around Media Education including Social Media support groups for parents.


For a session with Simon contact him direct through the below contact form or call 0428 508 658:

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