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Everything online these days seems to call for visual communication of some sort. But what if taking pictures, uploading them, resizing them, cropping them . . . and then posting them with a witty or irreverent comment is not something that comes naturally to you?? 


Don't worry!


You are not alone.

In this short course you will learn all the tools you need to make beautiful graphics, iphonography and photography.


What we will cover:

  • Branding Basics: why visual consistency is key

  • Why natural light is your best friend. The basics of beautiful photography including case studies of how to style a shot that best shows off your product or services.

  • Tools to upload, resize and crop images without the need of photoshop

  • Graphics generators to produce flyers, social media posts, quotes, memes and the fundamentals of design that will support you to ensure they reflect the quality of your brand.

  • Understanding different image formatting requirements across the different channels you would like to use your imagery - your blog, facebook etc


FUZE video recordings of the meetings will be available for a 1 week period after delivery of the session, so you don't have to participate live if it is too early or too late in the day for you. Please note videos expire after 1 week.



You will need a reasonably fast internet connection (4Mbps down and 1Mbps up) to participate in the online course. TEST YOUR CONNECTION.


This course also has flexible delivery options: 

Online, in person, 1 to 1 or in groups. Contact Rebecca for more information about a custom course for your staff or group.

Further course dates will be announced on the emanation newsletter.

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What: 2 x 1.5 hour sessions to empower business owners and bloggers to confidently create their own graphics and photography for the web and social media without the need for Photoshop.

The Visual Creative Toolkit 

On completion of this course you will have a suit of tools to draw on to produce amazing visual content and graphics
Who for: Business owners, sole practitioners, personal bloggers or web enthusiasts

This course has flexible delivery options: 

Online, in person, 1 to 1 or in groups. Contact Rebecca for more information.