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There is a secret that most web developer's don’t want you to know. . . website building is no longer hard.

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So what is to stop me from getting online and simply building my own site, I hear you ask?

Actually, absolutely nothing. 


There are now plenty of very good online web building sites that are very user friendly (I actually used one to build this site.)

But which one to use? That will be determined by a number of factors . . . 


So if I can make my own website how is it that you are still in a job?

Because it is still a skill to make a site that looks both professional and effectively communicates the essence of your brand or service.

Most of the time home made sites look, well . . . a little bit home made.


Not a bad thing if you are selling pots of honey or veggies you grew yourself in the backyard, but if you want to step up your web presence and are ready to take your business to the next level it is worth getting some professional input.


Empowering business owners

Emanation Media often leverages existing online web building technology to build smaller sites because its fast, effective and easy to build sites on these platforms. 


This frees your budget up from bug fixing and coding complications to spend on the more important aspects of a site like – content, content, content.


Co-write your content with me or commission me to write it for you. I work with people all over the world to develop content that reflects their businesses and takes their brands communication to the next level.


With an in-depth understanding of SEO – aka G-FOG ‘Getting Found on Google’ I support you to tailor your content for the phrases and words you want to be found for in the Google Search Results.


How much does a website cost?
Plan your world domination emanation

Whether you want a big e-commerce site, to start a new brand or blog or simply want to get off of gmail so you can have a more professional email solution, I can support.

Call or Skype me for a free 10 -15 minute consult to tell me about your web life and where you want to take it.

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Free digital ready tips and info about new workshops and emanation initiatives: