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Rebecca K Baldwin loves the possibilities of media and all things web. But more than that she loves supporting people to get their businesses digital ready and take their brand to a global audience.

She has worked with hundreds of people and businesses to do just that including international bed and breakfasts, health and wellbeing websites, health food stores, cafes, tradies, complementary healing practitioners, clinics, dentists, doctors and psychologists.

Working with Rebecca K Baldwin is not the same as hiring a contractor to simply build a website. She will embrace getting to know your business, how you work and where you want to take your brand.


'Digital strategy without the formula' there is no one size fits all approach, but a reading of where you are going to next and how you are going to get there. She is as much business coach as she is a digital creative.

With a background in all things websites she has also worked as a videographer, editor and is a video producer with over ten years experience. With a Bachelor of Arts Majoring in creative writing and media she brings her love of language and works with you to bring an authentic voice to your brand.

Web Professional, Media Educator, Online marketing: aka The All in One Digital Creative

Media Education,
Presentations & Courses

Rebecca is also a natural educator on marketing, photography, video and your digital presence.

Talk to Rebecca about speaking at your event or holding a workshop or course.

She also regularly presents on social media, the media, body image and its impacts on our health, wellbeing and sense of self.

She has a passion for both women’s and men’s health and how we can best support each other to true vitality and freedom of expression, beyond the gendered stereotypes that we are confined by.

Through her work as a media educator she has spoken to hundreds of young people on their experiences of the online world and how it affects their relationships with themselves and each other. Through media literacy she supports young people to read beyond the images they are exposed to online, whether through the media’s stereotyping or other young people’s emulation of this.

Get in touch on 0401 476 974 if you would like to learn more.

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