Clayton Lloyd


Clayton Lloyd is a commercial photographer and CASA certified aerial drone operator with over 27 years experience in the creative industries. Emanation Media works with him regularly not just for his extensive expertise but because we know that our clients will be completely taken care of on a shoot with Clayton Lloyd. 

From Rebecca:

I often work with a client before a shoot to detail what kind of shots they will need for their website. When a client comes to a session after a shoot with Clayton I know that when we go through the proof sheet and pic the pictures for the website, the 'hero' banner shots, the essential detail shots and the perfect profile portrait are all going to be there. I also know that the client is going to speak very highly of their time on the shoot and their experience of having their photo taken."

FREE WEB TIP:Talk to your web designer and plan your website pages before you go to your photoshoot to ensure that you get  all the relevant photos you will need for your site.

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