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We use Wix, Wordpress and Squarespace

Why do we choose to use online web builders like Wix, Wordpress and Squarespace? Aren’t we fancy pants web developers that are supposed to use complicated code and all that gaff?


It is true that today, anyone, probably including your 2 year old niece, can get online and make a website.


Rather than try to deny these innovations, at Emanation Media we utilise advancements in online web building platforms to develop websites for our clients that are not only very cost effective to build but are also easy for you to use and update.


Sure we could sell you a complicated custom made website solution and give ourselves work for the next two years while you wonder why your website is costing as much as a house in Sydney but we are more concerned about actually getting you a cost effective website that you can actually use...


Using an online web builder like Wix, Squarespace or Weebly also cuts out web hosting costs. And yes even though we also sell hosting we are going to tell you that because finding the best web solution for your business is what we are about.


We work with Wix,, Squarespace and Shopify and


For larger projects that require it we prefer to use a self-hosted Wordpress solution. And yes we make kick-ass Wordpress sites too. See our projects pages.


We also have experience with Drupal, Weebly and Moodle if those words mean anything to you. And yes, we are also unsure why web companies choose really weird names for their brands. Weebly? Moodle? Really? Really? But why?

Rather than try to sell you a package that we want you to use we will talk to you to find out what web building solution works best for you. 

So you want a website but you don’t want to be reliant on a web developer every time you need to change a typo? At Emanation Media we like to ensure that you feel fully empowered to make changes to your own site.


Rather than try to sell you a solution that we like to use we will assess which web building platform most suits you.


How hands on do you want to be? How much is blogging going to be integral to your business? Do you need a members login? Or do you need a shop? Do you need it all?


All of these questions will help us to determine what web building platform we would recommend for your particular project.


So whether you want to build and design a site your self or simply have the confidence to make minor changes and text edits Emanation Media will support.

I need something a bit more powerful​ than those simple online web builders . . .


An online website building platform will not always suit your project. For larger sites that require more customisation we like to work with Wordpress.


Why do we like Wordpress?


Because it has a lot of plugins and extras that are well maintained by a global community of developers. We have found that the extensions (plugins) available through wordpress are very powerful for extending your site and usually have good free versions and paid for options as well.


Why it is good to pay for plugins?


Plugins extend your sites functionality. So it could be a feature that optimises your images on upload or which adds paid membership tiers to your site.


In fact nearly anything you can think of that a website can do can be done on Wordpress because there is usually someone out there in the cyber web who has done it before.

There are a lot of good free plugin options on Wordpress but sometimes you have to pay for the premium version of something. Typically this will cost between $35 and $49 US dollars a year.

Paying for plugins support the developers who make the plugins and gives them a good incentive to provide good customer service. Emanation always researches the best possible plugins when building your site based on extensive customer reviews and downloads.

I like your go and I want to work with you. What are the next steps?

Simply send me an email or contact me on 0401 476 974. I also like text messages because I find it annoying checking my phone messages. It's nothing personal.

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