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Adele Leung HK

Adele Leung is a creative professional from Hong Kong who works across a broad range of specialisations in the creative industries. Emanation Media worked with Adele to bring together a site that would show case her many different talents and embody the innovation and integrity she brings to her work in fashion.

Adele's clean aesthetic and unapologetic use of colour and light were capitalised on in the design to bring both a grand and fresh feel to the website.

Branding: We decided on a simple font logo for the site in order not to detract from Adele's rich and varied photography.

Shopping Cart: While we were building this site Adele launched True Tees with Professor Phil Cleaver from the UK. The site had to enhouse a shopping cart to sell the Tees online. This was easily achieved using the Wix shopping cart in combination with PayPal.

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